Steel Hub - Your Steel Consultant Company | Team
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We are steel makers

Top talent produces top results. To benefit its Clients Steel Hub has brought together senior researchers and steel industry specialists to create a formidable team.
This unique pool of expertise is unrivalled in the steel consultancy business, combining long standing academic excellence and real life steel plant shop floor experience.
When developing solutions, at Steel Hub we adopt a partnership approach. This collaborative working style solves problems efficiently and effectively.
Simultaneously, we provide valuable training for in-house engineers that boosts the capability and skills of our Clients’ technical teams.
Adopting this partnership approach brings our Clients a strong Return on Investment.

Engineering Team

Our analysts engineers play a key role in determining how products are completed and they provide evaluations about sistems and processes used in the company.

Software Team

Working in process control and use computer models to design production processes to maximize efficient production. Our engineers make steel plants more productive and energy efficient by installing the latest technology.

Financial Team

Financial managers responsible for the financial health of the organization. They produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals.

Steel Hub know-how and
technical network

As Steelmaking experts, we have a unique and complete skill set honed through a combination of real hands-on experience gained over decades of implementing operational excellence.


Our partnership with
top steel producer

Members of our highly experienced Engineering team have previously worked on technical exchanges with senior executives in the Steel business from all over the world. As part of their experience, Steel Hub’s team of Engineers have worked under important consultancy agreements with some of the world’s most prestigious and best-known Steel producers like Nippon Steel Kimitsu Plant and POSCO