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What we can do for you

We can improve every aspect of steel production

Improve financial performance (EBITDA)

  • Sustainable cost reduction program
  • Optimization of inventory of spare parts
  • Benchmarking and reduction of cost per unit of raw materials

Improve field

  • Raw material optimization
  • Raw material handling and engineering

Improve sustainability & energy management

  • Reutilisation of by product such as slang and sludge
  • Diagnostic and optimization of energy consumption
  • Improvement of gases recovery performance in coke ovens & BF
  • AI implementation to reduce energy costs

Improve maintenance

  • Install AI predictive maintenance systems
  • Diagnostic of standard mechanical maintenance
  • Level 2 automation revamping

Improve quality

  • Installing AI that improves overall efficiency and product quality
  • Raise accuracy of steel alloy addictions
  • Steel casting defects reduction – peritetic steels

Increase process yield

  • Refractory consumption optimization
  • Product range expansion

Contact our team for advice and find a solution to your needs