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About us

Steel Hub’s profile

We want our customers to look to the future with confidence. For this reason, our team members work on technical exchanges with senior managers in the iron and steel industry all over the world,
paying attention to details and creating solutions to sustainable problems.

Photographs © by Pino Musi from the Series “Oxymoron”, 1998


Steel Hub delivers operational improvements and Cost Reduction programs to Steel Plants worldwide.

Our Engineers deliver results that are based on academic theory backed up by decades of operational experience.

The project’s vision has come from its founder and Managing Director Emilio Riva.

Selected Steel Plants will have the opportunity, using our knowledge and expertise, to embrace transformation, to implement innovative solutions, and to increase the EBITDA performance ratio.


Utilising their unique technical acumen linked with real experience gained in Steel Plants, our team is focused on projects that result in solid operational improvements across the whole steel production stream.


Depending on the Client’s needs Steel Hub can simultaneously tackle many different types of problem in a variety of fields. We use straightforward effective methodology based on a pragmatic ‘hands-on’ approach.

All our Engineers that deliver projects own specific know-how in the steel process both in the EAF and BF production routes.


To be by 2020, the steel world’s fastest growing technical organization with the most advanced skills available in the steel industry.


Utilizing our team of highly qualified and widely experienced Engineers, our mission is to help Steel Plants across the world achieve improved competiveness, profitable growth, and the creation of value in all aspects of their business. We wish to ensure that our Clients can look to the future with confidence.

Photographs © by Pino Musi from the Series “Oxymoron”, 1998

What we do

Our highly professional team of specialists are available to be sent to Steel Plants anywhere in the world at short notice.


We have the capability to help Clients in a variety of areas.


Among others, we have undertaken projects involving sustainable Cost Reduction, Energy Efficiency, complex metallurgy improvements, steel quality up-grades, Continuous casting defects reduction, and many others.

Steel Hub’s Role

We are your partner when it comes to problem-solving. We help our Clients achieve their objectives faster, more efficiently, and with less risk.


With our wide experience we are able to help you view issues and challenges from a different perspective particularly when undertaking trouble shooting and problem analysis.

We work in close collaboration with our Clients. Work is shared between us and your team. There are two key benefits from sharing work between us and your team. One, problems are solved faster. Two, your colleagues will learn new procedures and systems.


Although we lead the way in directing problem resolution, while our teams are at Clients’ Steel Plants the legal responsibility for Health & Safety remains with our Clients.


Simply put, we provide the best expertise available in the world of steel.

Our Network allows us to choose the most suitable technological solution for each particular case.
We operate independently from all affiliate programs that might be run by Steel Plant suppliers.

Photographs © by Pino Musi from the Series “Oxymoron”, 1998
Photographs © by Pino Musi from the Series “Oxymoron”, 1998

Future Projects

Steel Hub Group is in the process of developing complementary projects such as trading/intermediation of finished and semi-finished steel products, and a market place concept for strategic steel production products such as electrodes, Steel ladles, cylinders, and refractories.


We are also planning to launch a brand-new project in 2019 called Steel Academy. The project is an innovative platform to share knowledge and promote steel production best practice around the world.

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