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Our objective is to increase the EBITDA of steel plants

How do we do this?


Productivity enhancement, process yield improvement, defects troubleshooting, resource management.


Quality assurance, predictive maintenance, optimal process control, supply chain management.


Plant layout optimization, by-products reduction, capex assessment strategy, tender evaluation support.

Our approach

We make the latest cutting-edge research available, applicable and accessible to the steel industry and blend it with our hands-on technical improvement expertise. We achieve this by combining the expertise of senior academic researchers with decades-long academic track records and senior steel industry experts who have spent most of their working lives on steel plant shop floors.


We adopt a partnership approach, co-developing our solutions together with our clients, boosting their in-house capability building.


We firmly believe that our expertise and approach in combining these fields are unique, and we leverage these capabilities to set our clients apart from their competitors – making them unique.


Work with us